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  • Are you sitting on the fence about having a website?
  • Does your current website NOT Do what you want it to?
  • You have one but have done nothing with it?
  • Maybe you are not sure if you need one?

Well here is a book that you will NEED to read.  Download your copy of 10/10 Websites Tips for FREE NOW!

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We are specialists in Web Design and Website Builds and use the world class WordPress platform. Whether it's a new website design or a redesign of an existing one, we can get the job done for you easily and effectively so you can start to grow your business even more.

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Maintaining your website is so important for website security, the speed and performance of your site and the best possible customer experience. We can also update your site where necessary and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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SEO is all about making it easy for Google to understand what your site is about so you rank as highly as possible. We include SEO on all of our site builds and also offer ongoing SEO services to make sure your business website is at the top of it's game and is easily found.

Your Trusted Local Website Designers Based Right here in Adelaide

What Can You Expect From the Process?

We aim to make web design Easy for you

It all starts with the initial consult, which is obligation free by the way. We aim to find out what you want, why you want it, what you’re hoping to achieve and anything else that can help us design you the best converting website possible. Working with us is painless and productive because you can rely on our skills, experience and qualifications to get the job done for you in as timely a manner as possible while delivering you exceptional results and an exceptional website for your local business.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Will My Website Work On Mobile Phones?

Responsive web design is never overlooked with us

Given that over 60% of searches are made from a mobile device, it would make sense to ensure that your website looks just as good and functions just as well, on a mobile as it does on a desktop. Too many times we see sites that have not be made mobile responsive which means people will not bother continuing their search and move on to another business. Here at Total Impact we do everything to make sure your site is as mobile friendly as possible so that you don’t lose any prospective customers.

Providing Affordable, User Friendly Website Designs across Adelaide Metro & Country South Australia

How to Get a Quick Return On Your Website Investment With A $200 Cash Back

We’d like to thank you

If someone does something good for us then we believe in doing something good back. Small Businesses thrive on the power of referrals so if we build a standard site for you and you then refer us to someone who also has a standard site done by us, then you get $200 cash. It could not be any simpler than that and as long as we have this deal running, you can refer as many businesses as you like.

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One of our Team will make a time to catch up with you to see how we can help you design your website to grow your business, and take advantage of having the best digital and online presence possible.

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There is so much more to Web Design than a site that looks ‘pretty’. Too often we see other sites where they have put so much effort into trying to look different or spectacular, that they forget the true purpose of the website, which is to create the best possible experience for the end user and that is easy and functional to use for everyone. This is what makes Total Impact Web Design different. We understand what that person who is Googling things, wants. 

We understand that they want it to be easy, that they don’t want videos randomly playing when you open a site. They want a site that gets straight to the point because they don’t have time to mess around all day and they want to be told what action they should take – just one action though because if they’re faced with too many, then analysis paralysis takes over and they end up clicking away from your site and going to someone else who doesn’t try and force them to make a decision.

Maintaining your website is critical not only for performance and speed but also for security. Plugins, widgets and even the core programs used, are constantly being updated by the companies that make them. What this means for you as the website owner, is that someone needs to go in and ensure that these are updated on a regular basis and in our experience, most site owners don’t do this at all.

If things are not updated regularly, this becomes a real security issue and puts you at risk of hackers and spammers. Trust us – you do not want this to happen and if it does, the odds are that your site hasn’t been backed up either so potentially it could mean starting from scratch. However with the  Team at Total Impact on your side, this is something that you wouldn’t have to worry about

When roughly 97% of people who use an online search, are looking for local businesses, then it makes sense that using the right SEO for Google searches can make you more easily found by potential customers. Think about your own search behaviour. If you want a particular product or service then you will enter that into Google and invariably use the ‘near me’ option that comes up or you might specify a particular location. So, you could search ‘Electricians near me’ or ‘Best web designer in Adelaide’.

What we do is optimise your site so that when people search these terms, you have the best chance of being found and ranking in the search engines such as Google and even the lesser ones like Bing.

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